Academic & Personal Social Resources for Students

JMG/OAP-Jobs for Maine Grads



P.A.R.C./Summer School

Summer opportunities

Warrior Time

Writing Center

TCTC-Tri County Technical Center

Short Term and Crisis Counseling.

Tutoring Programs-

Alternative Education– The MSAD 48 Alternative Education Program offers an opportunity for teenagers within the district to get a high school diploma through non-traditional means. We work with students who have difficulties in large and/or long classes, balancing school and work, balancing school and family, or students who want to accelerate their education.

We offer individualized classes with contracted goals. We give students the opportunity to explore areas not taught in a traditional high school, to achieve credits through work experience and community service, and to make up classes failed at the high school. Counseling, field trips, extra-curricular participation, a job market, and flexible hours, all contribute to successful alternative placements. For more information, contact the school social worker, your guidance counselor, or the principal.

Resource Officer-

Career Pathways

Gifted and Talented



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