Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Guidance Counselor?
If you have the last name beginning with the letters A-F you will have Ms. Todd
If you have the last name beginning with the letters G-O you will have Ms. Perry
If you have the last name beginning with the letters P-Z you will have Ms. DeRosa

How do I see my guidance counselor?
There are many ways in which you can see your guidance counselor, choose one that is right for you.
-You can ask your advisor/homeroom teacher to let the guidance office know that you need an appointment, and they will get you one. A pass will come to you in homeroom.
-OR You can stop by guidance and get an appointment with the receptionist, Mrs. Hale.
-You can e-mail your guidance counselor at first initial last
-You can stop in and see if they are free when you have a study hall.
-You can set up an appointment with your counselor directly.

How do I sign up for classes?
Classes are chosen in Feb/March, your guidance counselor will review what you have to take and select core classes based on what you have taken in the past or what you are currently taking. Review this list with your parents and or guardian to make sure that the classes that you are choosing align with your educational plan/goals. We suggest that you take the most challenging classes as guided by your personal learning plan.

How do I add or drop a course?
The add/drop process runs for the first two weeks of classes, and the first week at the semester break. If you would like to add/drop a class, talk to your guidance counselor about it. They may have suggestions for you if you don’t know what you want to take for a class. If you already know what class you want to add, you can fill out an add/drop form and have the teacher sign it. After the two week period, you will need parent permission on the add/drop form, and most classes can not be dropped or added after the first two weeks.

Dropping a class after the two week add/drop period.  There is a form for this as well.  The teacher of the class you are doping must sign the form, this is so that they know you are leaving their class.  The teacher of the class you are adding must sign the form, in many cases two weeks is too far into the class to add.

What classes should I take?
Talk to your guidance counselor, teachers, advisor, parents and other community members about your classes. Much of what you take in high school affects your college plans. For example you need two years of a foreign language to get in to most four year colleges. You need Trig to get into most engineering programs. You need Algebra II to get into Nursing programs. You should take the classes that are most appropriate for your personal learning plan and classes that will challenge you.

What if I am failing a class?
If you are failing a class, we can help. If you get between a 50-60 you can be referred by the teacher to the PARC. PARC is staffed by a teacher, that facilitates you getting the work done. YOU are responsible for getting the work done. When you meet requirements needed for the class you will get a P for that class and meet the requirement for graduation.

What if I want to switch a teacher?
As a general rule we do not allow the switching of teachers.  If you are not able to continue in a class with a specific teacher you may contact the department head to talk about switching teachers.

Math-Mrs. Stork
English-Mrs. Gould
Science-Mr. Emerson
Social Studies-Mr. Hanish

Can I take an Adult Education class? How do I sign up?
Yes, these courses are offered for 1 credit in the fall, spring and summer. There is a form that you must take to the adult education offices signed by your guidance counselor.   Sign up in Adult Education offices, located past the art room on the right. Check out their website for more information.

How do I get a power school log in to see my grades?
Students will get their username and password from their adviser in Warrior Time. 
Contact your guidance counselor or the receptionist/registrar for your username and password.

Do I have to take a foreign language?
You do not need a foreign language to graduate, however you do need two years of a foreign language taken consecutively to get into many four year colleges. Taking a foreign language often opens you up to new experiences that you wouldn’t have ordinarily have had.  Many of the teachers take trips during the school year.  Canada, Europe and Paris have been

What is confidentiality and how does it relate to me talking to my guidance counselor?
Confidentiality is essential to developing honest and open relationships with your guidance counselor.

What if I am having a problem that is difficult for me to handle alone?

What if I am not doing well at high school? What if I want to do something different?

What if I want to work, and need a workers permit?

What if I want to work?

FAQ for Parents

I am new to the area, how do I register my student?
Stop by or call to make an appointment.  Paperwork can be done ahead or with out an appointment.  Classes can not be chosen with out meeting the student. 

How do I get a power school log in to see my students grades?

Contact our guidance Registrar and we have the username and password.  This is also sent out at the start of each year. 

How do I find out more information about how my student is doing?

What if my son/daughter has to be out of school for more than a day or two?

Contact Terrie Murray in the main office and request homework to be sent home to your student.  If it is more than a week or two, it is good to have a meeting to talk about student work.  A different plan can be made at this time.


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